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Best Dog Food in 2023: Why Wet Royal Canin Dog Food

Wet Royal Canin Dog Food

Explore the benefits of feeding your dog with the wet royal canin dog food. Learn more about the key ingredients, dog breeds and life stages that benefits the dog in their better growth development.

About Royal Canin Dog Food:

Royal Canin was established in 1968 and its purpose was to fulfil the dietary requirements of cats and dogs for their healthy development and well-being. It is prepared by adding top quality ingredients, optimal level protein, minerals, vitamins and fibers. wet royal canin dog food has a value addition of omega-3 and fatty acid and L-carnitine. The addition of omega-3 helps in improving the digestion and boosts up the immunity. Whereas, the addition of L-carnitine helps in reducing heart diseases, helps in proper function of the brain and nervous system.

Royal Canin Dog food comes in two categories; dry Royal Canin Dog Food and Wet Royal Canin Dog Food. Firstly, being a customer of Royal Canin products helps in easy selection of the categories according to the preference of your canine companion.

Other than that, the reason behind Royal Canin being the highest priority is that they have formulated each product according to the breed, size, age and health of the dog.

Dry dog food comes in kibble form which is reshaped in to spherical shape. Whereas, canned food (wet dog food) is in gravy.

Consult a veterinarian before feeding your dog as they would guide you in the better selection process that is beneficial for the healthy development and well-being of your canine companion.

Below are the top-5 Royal Canin dry dog food product that a pet owner can select and feed to its pet.

Why Royal Canin dog food?

Royal Canin dog food is one of the top brand dog foods designed for all dog’s breed including the factors such as age, weight and sizes. This brand is formulated in two categories; wet dog food and dry dog food. The potential benefits of choosing Royal Canin dog food are that it is designed to meet all the nutritional benefits that a dog requires in order to lead a healthy life and for its well-being.

About Product:

wet royal canin dog food is one of the best food product for both puppies and adult dogs. This food product contain L-carnitine which is an essential amino acid involved in metabolism activity of the mammal. L-carnitine support optimal heart, brain and muscle function. L-carnitine convert fat in to energy and mostly healthy dogs produce it naturally. It is obtained from dog food such as Red meat, fish and chicken. L-carnitine helps in maintaining a healthy weight and helps small breeds to meet the high energy need. Royal Canin Small Breed Adult Dog Dry Food” is great for picky eaters as it is available in both dry and wet form of food (available in different sizes). 

Royal Canin Food Texture:

Royal canin comes in two form:

  • Dry dog food
  • wet dog food.

Dry royal canin dog food

Dry dog food is also known as kibble. It is made by grinding and mixing of different ingredients like meat, vegetables and grain. It is first dried up and water content is removed, it is than reshaped into small spherical size called pellets. Dry dog food is one of the best source of food that you can feed your dog as it contain all the nutrition that is required by your dog to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Wet Royal Canin Dog Food

Wet dog food on the other hand contain high water content making the food soft to eat. It is usually recommended for those that are picky eater or have dental issue. Most dogs have problems in chewing hard kibble so wet dog food is recommended. It is usually feed to puppies who are in the phase of growing their teeth. The advantages of wet dog food is it keeps your dog hydrated due to the intake of water content.

Both dry and wet dog food are legit and have their own advantages. But experts usually recommend wet dog food as it contain water content, easier to eat and contain few carbs. Wet dog is recommend for puppies or old dogs who have chewing problems. Whereas, dry food is recommended for adult medium aged dogs who can chew the kibbles and it has much lower price point.

Royal Canin dry dog food contains up to 8% of the water content, 23% of the protein, 29% fat and 48% carbs.

Therefore, before feeding to your dog consult a veterinarian for a diet schedule in order to avoid over-dozing, high cholesterol level and obesity.

Why is Royal Canin dog food considered top brand food?

There are several reasons behind wet royal canin dog food being the top-quality dog food. Some of them are as follows:

  1. It contains top-quality ingredients and optimal level protein which helps in healthy life and well-being of your canine companion.
  2. Before the approval the product goes through various testing process in which the amount, quality of ingredients is tested to meet all the nutritional standard.
  3. It is designed for all breeds of dog and helps in providing optimal level of protein, vitamins and fiber for the healthy development.
  4. As it is formulated in dry and wet dog food, it tempts the picky eaters to try the new texture of food. Furthermore, puppies in their teeth phase are also benefited as they can also be feed with wet dog food.    

Benefits of Royal Canin Dry Dog Food:

  1. Contain optimal level of protein for the better development and well-being of your pet.
  2. Antioxidants helps in improving the digestion and boosts up the immunity.
  3. It helps in strong bones and better joint structure.
  4. The in-take of beneficial bacteria (EPA & DHA) helps in improving the skin condition reducing the risks of allergies and provide a healthy coat to dog.  

Ingredients and their possible impacts on making Royal Canin Dog Food the highest priority:

Royal Canin dog food is considered the highest priority dog food in the world due to its ingredients and categories.

Talking about the category Royal Canin dog food is available in dry dog food and wet dog food as discussed in the article above. Furthermore, the key ingredients like high water content, optimal level protein, Vitamins and fibers have designed this product as a balanced diet. Furthermore, the addition of beneficial bacteria (EPA & DHA) helps in digestion and boosts up the immunity. This helps in reducing the stomach issues like bloating, constipation and stomach upset.

According to Age Recommendations:

Puppy (0-4 months)                              Wet dog food is recommended

Puppy (5month – 1year)                     both wet and dry food can be feed

Junior                                                          Dry dog food

Adult (1-7years)                                       Dry dog food

Mature (7-12 years)                               both wet/dry depending on dental flexibility

Senior                                                        Wet dog food   

Royal Canin

There is a huge list of breed that can rely on royal canin dog food product. For example Beagle, Boxer, Bulldog and so on.

As royal canin dog food comes in both dry and wet form containing all the nutrients so it is suitable for pregnant dogs as they require maximum energy for their good health and for their upcoming baby. During pregnancy some of the female dogs do not have the desire to eat due to mental and physical illness. This decrease in appetite is known as anorexia. Feeding them with either wet food or dry food will help them in taking maximum amount of calcium, protein and fiber from a single diet.

Furthermore, as royal canin food is made up of mixtures of food so it reduces the spontaneous consumption of food. Containing a complete meal it helps dog in having a proper appetite. Furthermore, it also contain different vitamins that are essential for a healthy lifestyle of your puppy.

Moreover, royal canin is highly recommended and the reason behind for it is improving the digestive system. This product contain several fibers, prebiotics and digestible protein that is good for digestion. Wet dog food contain high water content that proves to be a perfect source for digestion. When Royal canin food is being processed so special bacteria is added that is good for your dog’s health.

Having protein, calcium, vitamins and fibers it proves to be the best source of joint sensitivity. Furthermore, it is made by mixing of different sources such as meat, vegetables which proves to be a good source of joint sensitivity.

Some of the breeds that can rely on Royal Canin Dog Food:

Royal Canin dog food offers variety of products. For example, Royal Canin German Shepherd dog food helps German dogs (Alsatian dogs) in fulfilling their nutritional requirement with optimal level of protein.

Royal Canin giant junior dog food helps in better growth development of the puppies and providing them a source of balance diet. The addition of L-carnitine helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases, brain damage and nervous system. Furthermore, L-carnitine is formulated through red meat, chicken and fish which adds a source of balance diet in the dog’s food.

Apart from that, Royal Canin dog food is also formulated for Shih Tzu breed. The ingredients added helps in improving the digestion of puppies, reduce the fecal volume and smell (diarrhea). The kibbles added are soft and easy to digest making it easy for the Shih Tzu breed to feed on.

Therefore, the above mentioned are the reasons due to which Royal Canin dog food is the most recommended dog food by almost all veterinarian and experts and has the highest priority in the world.


Royal canin food is available in different sizes such as small, medium, large and giant. Process vary according to the size of the box.


Royal canin comes in sterilized form which is called sterilized 37. All the micro-organisms are removed making the product best food source helping in maintaining a healthy urinary system and good health.

How to select Royal Canin for a specific breed?

As Royal Canin is designed for all the specific breeds of dog it helps in fulfilling their nutritional and dietary requirements for a healthy development and well-being.

There are many dog’s breed that rely on Royal Canin dog food for example, Shih Tzu dog breed rely on Roya Canin. The reason behind this is, it helps in easy digestion as the kibbles are soft to chew and easy digest. It helps reduce the fecal volume and smell, reduce the risk of obesity.

Another example, giant junior dog that have a high nutritional requirement for their healthy development and improvement in joints and bone’s structure. Giant junior dog food is given up to 8 to 24 months of dog. It has optimal level of protein, vitamins and fibers that helps in the healthy development of the dogs.

So, when purchasing Royal Canin dog food for your dog, always consult a veterinarian and ask for the advice that which dog breed food should be feed to your canine companion. If you are purchasing the food on your own always check the product label, description and ingredients whether it is suitable for your dog or not.         

Through product label, description and ingredients you can analyze whether it is a saftest option to feed to your dog or not.

But according to our recommendation consult a veterinarian as it would help with diet schedule, proper meal per day plan.  Consulting a veterinarian would help in reducing the risk of diarrhea, stomach upset and skin allergies. Some ingredients are not suitable for the dog’s and hence result in certain complications and side effects.    

As wet royal canin dog food is available in kibbles form and canned form so anyone of this can be feed to the breed of dog. Depending on your dog’s breed and dog preference which form of food your dog likes the most. Canned food have more weight than dry dog food as it is high in water content helps in keeping the dog hydrated and improves skin and coat condition.

According to us, Shih Tzu dog breed should be feed with canned dog food as they are small puppies so kibbles might lead to choking or indigestion sometimes. For giant junior dog’s kibbles form of food is usually recommended as they can easily chew them and digest them.

But always consult veterinarian when making such choices as the recommendation would be given after the proper diagnoses, helping in the better development of your canine companion. 

Is Royal Canin suitable for dogs suffering from skin sensitivities (allergies)?

Usually most of the veterinarian after the diagnoses recommends Royal Canin dog food. if the question arises if the dog is suffering from skin allergies can he eat Royal Canin product?

The answer to this question that feeding dog with Royal Canin food is one of the safest option as it is formulated through top ingredients.

The water content added in the wet royal canin dog food helps in keeping the dog hydrated, improves the skin condition and reduces the risk of allergies and redness. Furthermore, the omega-3 and fatty acid is included which plays a vital role in improving the skin condition, reducing hair loss, providing a glow and reducing skin sensitivity and damage.

Always consult a veterinarian for proper advice and guideline before providing your pet with any sort of food.

Our Recommendations:

Age-Appropriate Feeding: Ensure that you choose the right type of Royal Canin dog food based on your dog’s age. Follow the age recommendations provided:

  1. Consider Your Dog’s Size: Royal Canin offers various sizes, so select the one that matches your dog’s size category: small, medium, large, or giant. The packaging and formulation may vary accordingly.
  2. Address Specific Dietary Needs: Take into account your dog’s specific dietary needs and preferences. If your dog is a picky eater or has dental issues, wet dog food with its softer texture may be a better choice. However, if your dog can easily chew kibble and you are looking for a more cost-effective option, dry dog food is a suitable choice.
  3. For Pregnant Dogs: Pregnant dogs require extra energy and nutrients for their health and the health of their developing puppies. Royal Canin dog food, available in both wet and dry forms, can provide the necessary calcium, protein, and fiber in a single meal to support pregnant dogs during this critical time.
  4. Digestive Health: Royal Canin is known for its digestive benefits due to the inclusion of fibers, prebiotics, and digestible proteins. If your dog has digestive sensitivities, this dog food can be a good choice.
  5. Joint Health and Sensitivity: The combination of proteins, calcium, vitamins, and fibers in Royal Canin makes it an excellent option for promoting joint health and sensitivity.
  6. Sterilized Dogs: If you have a sterilized dog, consider the sterilized variant, “Sterilized 37,” which is specially formulated to support a healthy urinary system and overall well-being.
  7. Consult with Your Veterinarian: It’s essential to consult with your veterinarian before making any significant changes to your dog’s diet. They can provide personalized recommendations based on your dog’s specific needs, health condition, and age.

Remember that each dog is unique, and their dietary requirements can vary. Royal Canin offers a range of options to cater to different dogs, so choosing the right one based on your dog’s age, size, and individual needs is key to ensuring their overall health and well-being.

Alternates of Royal Canin Dog Food:

The alternates of Royal Canin dog food available in the market are:

  1. Purina pro plan
  2. Blue buffalo
  3. Hill science diet
  4. Nutro
  5. Merrick

All the alternates have their own benefits which helps dog in the better growth development and well-being. The ingredients added in the top-5 alternates of Royal Canin dog are of optimal quality which helps in achieving the balance diet.

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