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Top 5 Products of Royal Canin Dry Dog Food in 2023

Royal Canin is one of the most trusted brands in premium dog nutrition. For over 50 years, they have focused on developing scientifically-researched formulas tailored to different life stages and breed sizes. Here are some of the top Royal Canin dog foods to consider:

1. Royal Canin Medium Granule Adult Dog Food

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Product Description:

Royal Canin Dry Dog Food contains antioxidants such as “Vitamin C and Vitamin E”.

Antioxidant protects the dog body and skin from damage. They are most important aspects to make your pet live a healthy life free from diseases.

Furthermore, the Royal Canin Dry Dog Food contains nutrients like manno-oligo-saccharides which support your dog to get rid of natural defenses which include skin allergies, tears, earwax and stomach acid, allowing it to live a healthy life.


Royal Canin Dry Dog Food contain dehydrated protein, maize flour, flour, wheat, animal protein, yeasts, minerals, fish oil, soya oil and other organic ingredients.

Benefits of dehydrated protein:

The protein content in this dog is concentrated that what your dog needs at all life stage. Dehydrated protein is one of the best way to feed your dog as it contain excess protein source, improving your pets health. Even pickier eaters loves to eat food that have dehydrated protein in it.

Benefits of Fish Oil:

Fish oil improves the heart health of the dog, it also helps in better skin condition by reducing the chance of allergies, redness and soreness. It also reduce the itchiness and irritation that happens in the skin. Furthermore, Royal Canin Dry Dog Food contains several vitamin and calcium that are beneficial for your dog’s joint and makes the bones strong.

All the other ingredients mentioned have the same role as they helps in reducing stomach issues, skin problems and allergies, improve the digestive system, improves the heart health and provides with the other protein sources good for joints and bones.


As Royal Canin Dry Dog Food is designed for medium aged puppies so the age range that matches is 12 month to 7 years. With weight around 22 and 55 lbs.

Benefits of Royal Canin Dry Dog Food:

  1. Most of the recommend this product because it helps in maintaining strong immunity of your dog.
  2. Royal Canin Dry Dog Food is a mixture of antioxidants and vitamins, it helps in reducing inflammation and promotes good digestion system.
  3. Royal Canin Dry Dog Food product contain beneficial bacteria’s (EPA & DHA) that improves skin condition, reduces allergies and maintain healthy skin.
  4. High quality of protein and prebiotics helps in in-taking good bacteria’s (EPA & DHA) which are important for maintaining a good immune system.
  5. Improves joint health due to the in-take of protein and prebiotics.

How to choose the right Royal Canin Dry Dog Food formula?

“Royal Canin Dry Dog Food” offer different formula based on factors such as age, size, and activity level, skin sensitivity and health concerns.

As “Royal Canin Dry Dog Food” offers different formula for medium age dogs, a veterinarian should be consulted before choosing a food on own.

The veterinarian would properly check the dog, its breed and according to its need and requirement would select and recommend the formula.

Is Royal Canin Medium Granule Adult dog food suitable for all medium-sized breed dogs?

“Royal Canin Dry Dog Food” medium granule adult dog food is designed for medium sized dogs. However, some dogs have different diet requirement. Before choosing the product and feeding it to your dog a veterinarian should be consulted for a better recommendation.

This product is specifically designed for medium sized dogs because it contain balance diet helping younger dogs maintaining strong bones, healthy skin and an ideal weight.

How to transition your dog to Royal Canin Medium Granule dog food from another brand?

As Royal Canin Dry Dog Food is available in two types “Dry dog food” and “Wet dog food” it is easy to transition your dog to Royal Canin dog food.

Firstly, mix the Royal Canin Dry Dog Food with the current food that you are feeding your dog. Increase the amount of Royal Canin food day by day. This would help your dog to shift permanently to Royal Canin dog food.

If your dog suffers from dental issues so there is no need to worry as this brand is also available is wet dog food. Usually most of the dog loved this wet food as it is a mixture of various protein, calcium, fiber and water helping your dog to be hydrated.

This will help to shift the dog easily to Royal Canin dog food.   

Is Royal Canin food suitable for dogs suffering from allergies or food sensitivity?

Royal Canin is designed as a complete meal with all the dietary requirement required by the dog.

This product is prepared through specialized formula with high quality of protein, vitamin, fibers and calcium that reduces allergies and helps maintaining a healthy skin.

Moreover, when feeding your dog always consult a veterinarian, as he will guide you regarding the product and recommend whether this product is suitable for your dog or not. 

Why this product should be chosen:

  1. Royal Canin is one of those brands that you can feed to all dog breeds.
  2. It includes high quality protein, multi vitamins and fibers that are beneficial for your dog’s health.
  3. It helps to reduce stomach issues and support optimal digestibility allowing your dog to effectively absorb nutrients.
  4. When you take your dog to a veterinarian for a balance diet, veterinarian also recommend Royal Canin dog food.

Royal Canin German Shepherd Pellet Adult Dog food

Product Description:

Royal Canin German Shepherd dog food helps in optimal digestion of food.

It contain L.I.P protein (Low indigestible protein) which means that the quality of protein is optimal and high and is easily digestible.

L.I.P protein and other selected fibers helps in limiting intestinal fermentation and helps in in-taking of beneficial bacteria’s to maintain a good balance of intestinal flora.

This product is usually designed for the specific breed for its unique characteristics and dietary requirement. 


It contain mixtures of brown rice, oat groats, fish oil, chicken fat, vegetable oil, wheat gluten, brewers rice natural flavors, pork meal, different vitamin, protein and fibers.

Vitamin, protein and special fibers helps in maintaining good joints structure, fish oil helps in maintain good skin and coat reducing redness, soreness and allergies.

Lastly, vegetable oil, brown rice, chicken fat and natural flavors helps as a source of balance diet fulfilling all the basic requirements that your dog needs.


German shepherd dog food is usually designed for dogs above 15months. It is formulated with all the basic nutritional requirements that is required by your dog.

Benefits of this product:

  1. This product contains low indigestible protein that is of high quality and highly digestible.
  2. As it is designed for dogs aged 15months or above, it supports large breed body’s joint structure.
  3. In-taking of beneficial bacteria’s (EPA & DHA) helps in improving the skin, reducing allergies and soreness.
  4. It formulated through specialized method in which the kibbles are easily chewable by the puppies.


Is German shepherd dog food suitable for all age of German shepherd dogs?

Royal Canin formulate their food product for all age of dogs to meet their basic requirement. German shepherd food is usually designed for dog’s age 15months or above.

When buying the German dog food you can match the formula with your dog’s age in order to verify that your pet meets all the basic requirements.

Also consult a veterinarian before making a decision as they would guide you the best and according to your dog’s age would recommend the perfect food formula so that all the requirements can be meet.

Can other dog’s breed feed on German dog food?

German shepherd dog food can be feed to other dog’s breed as well but is not highly recommended.

If all the basic requirements are being met by your puppy that you can go with the German shepherd dog food.

However, it is essential to consult a veterinarian before making any decision regarding your pet’s food. As some dogs may suffer from the side effects such as skin roughness, allergies, and digestion issues and so on.

How can you transition your German shepherd to German shepherd dog food?

“Royal Canin German shepherd dog food” not only comes in dry food form but is also available in wet food form. If your German shepherd is suffering from dental issue or is in a phase of teeth growth so you can feed him with wet dog food. It will not only fulfill all the basic requirements but also keep your dog hydrated as it contains high water content.

It is quite simple all you have to do is to mix small amount of the German shepherd dog food with the current food you are feeding to your dog. Time by time increase the amount of the food until your dog completely shifts to Royal Canin German shepherd dog food.

According to many experts, dog’s quickly shifts themselves towards the Royal Canin food as it tastes good and have several benefits.

How much Royal Canin German shepherd dog food should be feed to your dog?

Weight (kg)Optimal Activity Level (g/cups)
26376g (4+1/2 cups)
28397g (4+1/2 cups)
30418g (5 cups)
32439g (5+1/4 cups)
This table provides the recommended daily food portions for dogs of different weights with an optimal activity level.

Is Royal Canin German shepherd dog food suitable for German shepherd suffering for skin sensitivity and allergies?

Royal Canin food product is formulated with special ingredients that helps in reducing skin problems and allergies.

Before purchasing the product check the product label and ingredients that whether your dog is sensitive to this product or not.

For the save side consult the veterinarian he will guide you the best and will tell how much amount should be feed in a day. Sometime overeating also causes skin allergies.

 Why is this product the best?

  1. Containing digestible protein
  2. Reduces stomach issues or digestive issues
  3. Improve joint structure
  4. Contain special kibbles that are easily chewable by the all age dogs.

Royal Canin medium adult dog gravy food

Product description:

Royal Canin medium adult dog gravy food is a wet dog food that most of the dog find delicious, providing several benefits to your dog.

Firstly, it contains water content which helps dog to stay hydrated for a longer period of time.

Moreover, it is enriched with beneficial bacteria’s such as (EPA & DHA) that provides nourishment, several protein, vitamins and calcium helps in maintaining strong joint structure, healthy bones.

Water content helps in reducing the roughness making the skin soft and glow reducing the chance of allergies and soreness.


This product contains meat and animal’s derivatives, oil and fat, cereals, minerals, yeast, vegetable protein and other various sugars.

As it contains various sugar sources so before feeding it to your dog always consult to a veterinarian. Sugar content may upset your pet’s stomach leading to diarrhea, vomiting and discomfort.


This product is a complete feed for dog as it also contain water content. On the other hand it is designed for dog’s weight between 11 to 25 kg and age between 12 months to 10 years. In short it is designed for junior to adult aged dogs.

Benefits of this product:

  1. It contain digestible protein that helps in maintaining healthy balance of intestinal flora.
  2. It support optimal digestive system.
  3. Additional prebiotics and specific antioxidants helps in maintaining a healthy life, improving bones and joints and reducing stomach issues.
  4. As it is complete meal for your dog, it helps in maintaining natural defenses of your dog.


Can Royal Canin wet dog food be mixed with dry dog food?

Yes, you can mix wet dog food with the dry dog food. It will add variety and would create a mix diet in your dog’s meal. According to your dog’s weight, activity level adjust the portions according to it to fulfill their requirements.

How much Royal Canin medium dog wet food should be feed to your dog?

Always consult a veterinarian before feeding your dog. He would check the dog’s metabolism activity, activity level and weight and according to it would design the balance diet.

Sometimes without consulting a veterinarian you feed your dog in excess which may upset their stomach, cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Moreover, wet food contain a little high sugar content which may also cause several diseases in your pet.

Is this wet dog food suitable for dogs having skin sensitivity or allergies?

Wet dog food usually contain high water content which is beneficial for the skin. The in-taking of the water content would help improve the skin condition generating glow and improving skin allergies. It would also improve the digestion system and stool quality.

Can the food be stored in the can once it is opened?

Yes, the leftover food can be stored in the can. To maintain the freshness use an airtight container and refrigerate it. Also follow the manufacturer recommendations for storing the opened can dog food.

Why this product should be chosen?

This is a wet dog food usually recommended for dogs that are picky eaters. Dogs that have dental issues or are in the phase of teeth growth are recommended with this product so that they get proper nutrition and remain hydrated.

Dogs that have issue in chewing dry food (kibbles), veterinarian recommend their owners to try wet dog food so that their pet gain all basic nutrients and remain healthy. 

Royal Canin giant junior dry dog food

Product description:

Royal Canin giant junior dog food is formulated for your giant dog. This dog food is formulated for large breed dogs.

It have several protein level that helps in development and healthy growth. It is formulated with different nutrients that supports your pet health, joint structure and fulfill all their basic requirement.

It is formulated by the addition of L-carnitine, with supports optimal heart, brain and muscle functions. It convert fat into energy and most of the healthy dogs produce it naturally.

It is derived from animal protein like red meat, fish and chicken.


It contain dehydrated protein, fish oil, wheat flour, minerals, maize, maize flour, vegetable protein, animal protein, animal fat, minerals and yeasts.


This giant junior dog food is formulated for giant puppies in order to meet their nutritional requirements.

It is for puppies of age 8 months to 18 months or 24 months (2 years). The expected adult weight for puppies to feed is 45 kg or above.

This food is formulated for giant pets in order to boost up their activity level and for them to be healthy.

Key benefits:

  1. High quality protein and L-carnitine helps in building strong muscles and improves joint structure.
  2. This product is nutrient-dense diet formulated for puppy’s healthy growth.
  3. Precise content of calcium and phosphorus helps in improving bones and joint structure.
  4. Supports digestive system and boosts up the immunity of your dog.


What is the difference between giant dog food and regular dog food?

Giant breed dog food is especially designed for giant puppies in order to meet their basic requirements. Moreover, it has controlled amount of calcium and phosphorus to support their bones development and a balance energy level to avoid gain in weight. Furthermore, it has high protein content and fibers that increase the activity level and metabolic rate of your dog.

On the other hand, regular dog food is designed for medium sized breed dog. These regular foods cannot be feed to giant puppies because it would not meet all the requirements that a giant dog requires to maintain a healthy life and boost up his activity level. Furthermore, regular food lacks in content such as low level of protein, calcium and fibers to meet the overall requirement of your giant puppy.

At what age should a dog start feeding with giant puppy dog food?

It depends on your dog activity level and health that when he requires more amount of energy. Usually dog is shifted to giant dog food when at 2 months of age.

It is essential to consult a veterinarian when to shift your dog to giant dog food. Feed regular puppies with giant dog food would have several side effects such as diarrhea, stomach upset and so on.

Can Royal Canin giant dog food be feed to smaller puppies?

As stated above giant dog food is formulated for puppies of giant breed.

Feeding this to smaller breed dogs would have no side effects in general. They would not get the proper nutrition to support their metabolism activity.

Moreover, giant dog food have certain nutrients that may not be suitable for smaller dogs.

Can Royal Canin giant breed dog food mix with other foods or treats?

It is not highly recommended to mix Royal Canin giant dog food with other food. In case you mix it is important to note that not to overdo in order to maintain a balance nutrition. Furthermore, guidelines are also mentioned on the product package that needs to be followed.

Lastly, always consult a veterinarian when it comes to the diet of your pet. Because sometimes mixing of food with other brands may cause issues such as skin problems or stomach upset.

Where can this product be purchased form?

This product is available at different pet stores, veterinarian clinics or retailers. Online shopping from amazon can be done if you want to purchase this product.

Why this product should be chosen?

This product should be chosen for giant breed dogs, as it contain precise amount of calcium and phosphorus helping in maintaining an ideal weight for the dog. L-carnitine helps in building strong bones and muscles and improves the joint structure.     

Royal Canin Shih Tzu adult dog dry food.

Product description:

This product is best known for having beneficial bacteria’s (EPA & DHA), omerga-3 fatty acid and omega-6 fatty acid. Shih Tzu dry dog food reduces fecal smell and volume. It acts as a highly digestible food with L.I.P protein and precise fiber and calcium content.

The highly digestible protein improves the metabolic activity and reduces the chance of diarrhea. It also avoid stomach issues like stomach upset and skin problems.


This product contain oat groats, natural flavors, vegetable oil, calcium carbonate, powered cellulose, chicken fat, fish oil, potassium chloride brown rice, chicken fat and chicken byproduct meal.


Shih Tzu is designed for Shih Tzu dog breed. The age limit to feed the dog is 10 months old or over. This food is for Shih Tzu purebred which means little lion.

Key benefits:

  1. Improves the quality of stool, reduces fecal smell and volume
  2. Improves the digestion because of (L.I.P protein included)
  3. Improves skin condition, the beneficial bacteria (EPA and DHA) and vitamin A helps in improving condition and reduces allergies and soreness.
  4. It contain specialized kibbles that are easy to chew.
  5. It contain omerga-3 and omega-6 which helps in improving the coat.
  6. Improves dental health      

Can Royal Canin Shih Tzu dog food feed to other breeds of dog?

It is not recommended to feed other breed of dog with different breed food such as Shih Tzu. It would not harm your but may cause certain side effects such as skin problems (allergies and soreness), can upset the stomach leading to diarrhea.

It is necessary to check the dog’s dietary requirement or consult with the veterinarian and then feed them with the different food.

How to shift the dog to Shih Tzu dog food?

As your puppy starts to grow increase the amount of food in their current food. With time increase the quantity gradually until your dog shifts completely to the food.

Is this food suitable for dogs suffering from allergies?

This product is formulated with special ingredients that improves your dog skin condition. But over-dozing them may cause skin problems and allergies.

It is essential to consult veterinarian in order to meet all the dietary needs of your puppy.  

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