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Explore the world of air-dried dog food with our comprehensive diet. Discover the benefits, ingredients, formulation, storage tips and health condition. Find out if this convenient and rich-nutritional diet is the right choice for your canine companion.

What is Best air-dried dog food?

Air-dried dog food is a type of food which undergoes a dehydration process that removes moisture from the ingredients while retaining nutrients.


In air-dried dog food, moisture from the ingredients are removed without exposing them to the high temperature or pressure, unlike traditional kibbles or canned dog food.

The process used in air-dried is organic, as raw ingredients are dried out using only the air. Most of the companies prepares air-dried dog food to minimize the need of adding preservatives which are often used in canned food and kibbles to extend shelf life.

How is air-dried dog food different from other types of dog food?

Air-dried dog food differs from other dog food because of the dehydration process involved in drying the raw ingredients.

Redbarn Air Dried Dog Food

Taking about canned dog food or kibbles, both types of dog foods are heated and cooked at temperature where they loose their essential nutrients making it worthless for the pet.

When talking about best air-dried dog food, the raw ingredients are dried only by using air. This process helps in preserving high level of nutrients in the food and minimizes the need of adding preservatives.

What are the benefits of feeding air-dried dog food to your pet?

When feeding your pet with air-dried food, there are certain benefits associated with it:

  • It is easier to digest than kibbles
  • Contains high level of nutrients
  • No preservatives or artificial addictive added  
  • it is convenient to store as it has a long shelf life unlike canned food
  • most dogs preferred eating air-dried food due to its rich flavor and aroma

Is air-dried food suitable for all dogs?

The process of air-dried food involves dehydration process which in an organic process. Without using high temperature and pressure, moisture from the ingredients is removed by using natural air which helps in retaining the amount of essential nutrients like protein, vitamins and fibers.

Redbarn Air Dried Dog Food

Furthermore, the organic process of dehydration helps the product in remaining healthy, transparent and safe option to feed any dog.

There are certain health advantages associated with air-dried dog food. Firstly, it is beneficial for those dogs suffering from stomach sensitivity as it is easily digestible. Secondly, having high level of essential nutrients like protein with no artificial addictive it fights health issues rather than exacerbates them.

Apart from that, air-dried food is suitable for all age dogs. From puppies to junior dogs and senior dogs, air-dried food can be feed to any aged dog. The reason is having high level of essential nutrients, no artificial addictive and undergoing an organic process. 

Stages of dog’s life and how air-dried food is beneficial for them?

A dog life consists of three stages:

  1. puppy
  2. junior and middle age dog
  3. senior dog
Stages of dog’s life


As puppies have slower metabolism and difficulty in digestion, air-dried food is full of essential nutrients and is highly digestible enhancing the living and health standards of the pup.

Stages of dog’s life

Junior and middle-aged dog:

A junior dog requires high amount of energy and protein to accomplish its task and lead a healthy life. Most of the food a junior dog eats are full of preservatives and artificial addictive which do not fulfill their energy requirement. Therefore, feeding a junior or middle-aged dog with air-dried dog food will not only fulfill their energy requirement but also help them in leading a healthy life.

Stages of dog’s life

Senior dog:

Senior dogs have a poor metabolism and suffers from dental issues. Feeding them with food that contains preservatives and artificial addictive will risk their life. Therefore, it is recommended to feed the senior dog with air-dried products to avoid the risk of mal-nutrition and provide them with the essential nutrients that they require to lead a healthy life.

Stages of dog’s life

What ingredients are used in the formulation of air-dried dog food?

Ingredients that are used in the formulation of air-dried dog food are high in nutrition and contains high-quality protein sources.

Ingredients such as fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, grains, minerals and vitamins are mixed together and dried through the process of dehydration.

This dehydration process helps in retaining natural nutrients, protein, vitamins and minerals. Some formulation of air-dried dog food may also include omega-3 fatty acid and probiotics. These supplements (Omega-3 fatty acid and probiotics) help in controlling inflammation, improves joint mobility and improves skin and coat.

Do air-dried dog food requires water?

Air-dried dog food is convenient and known as ready to serve. It does not require the addition of water before feeding. Just like kibbles you can unpack the food and serve it to your pet.     

Top-5 highly recommended air-dried dog food:

  1. Spot & Tango Unkibble
  2. Pawstruck Air Dried Dog Food
  3. Redbarn Air Dried Dog Food
  4. ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Dog Food
  5. Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete

Benefits of Spot & Tango Unkibble:

Benefits of Spot & Tango Unkibble:
  • Offers dogs a whole food-based nutrition
  • Crafted with fresh ingredients
  • Gently dried to preserve their natural benefits
  • Provide pets with the meal that is rich in essential nutrients
  • No artificial flavor or addictive added

Benefits of Pawstruck Air Dried Dog Food:

Pawstruck Air Dried Dog Food
  • Consists of three formulas: beef, chicken and fish
  • Their dried food has up to 97% of real meat and rest of the percentage consists essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Perfect alternative of other food because it has flavor and nutrition of fresh raw food
  • It is used as a flavorful popper for picky eaters
  • It has safety and convenience of kibbles

Benefits of Redbarn Air Dried Dog Food:

Redbarn Air Dried Dog Food
  • It provides pet with nutrients-rich diet that is close to its natural state
  • No artificial preservatives or addictive added
  • Air-dried process maintains the integrity of ingredients
  • This food is also known as high-value training treat

Benefits of ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Dog Food:

ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Dog Food
  • This food is all-natural, grain-free and high-protein product
  • Suitable for dogs of all age and size
  • The ingredients included are free-range beef, New Zealand mussels and air-dried to provide essential nutrients
  • Comes in various flavors like chicken, lamb and venison
  • No anti-biotics, hormones or preservatives added

Benefits of Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete:

Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete
  • It is good for picky eaters and sensitive dogs
  • Packed with healthy fruits and vegetables
  • Provides balance diet to the pet
  • Benefits dogs heart, skin, coat, vision, immunity and muscles
  • It is low and slow cooked to preserve nutrients

How is air-dried dog food stored?

Air-dried food should be stored in cool and dry place where the temperature should be less than 80F. it should be ensure that it is away from the direct sunlight as heat and high temperature may cause the nutrients to break-down.

Once the pet food is opened it should be tightly resealed or transfer the food to air tight container to maintain the freshness.

You don’t need to worry about storing the food in the refrigerator, it can be easily stored at room temperature away from the sunlight.

Does veterinarian recommend air-dried dog food?

Because air-dried dog food does not damage the protein and other natural nutrients in the ingredients therefore, it is considered a healthy, safe and transparent option to feed any dog.

Furthermore, it consists of real meat, beef, chicken and beef and other supplements like omega-3 fatty acid making it a balance diet for the pet.

According to the AAFCO, most of the veterinarian recommend the use of above-mentioned air-dried dog food as it is a complete and balance diet improving the health standards of the dog.

What is the potential draw-backs of air-dried dog food?

There are certain problems associated with air-dried dog food. The air-dried dog food undergoes a dehydration process in which there is chances of nutrients imbalance. This nutrients imbalance causes nutrients deficiencies that the dog is not in-taking the nutrients in the correct proportion. This imbalance led to serious health consequences for the dogs.

Additionally, air-dried dog food may be expensive than traditional kibbles and canned food. Moreover, dogs may find difficulty in adjusting to the texture and taste of air-dried food.