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Consulting Your Veterinarian: A Powerful Guide to Pet Health in 2023

You are enjoying your weekend with your furry friend on Sunday at beach. Both of you are playing on a seaside and having a great time. Suddenly during this adventures time your dog suffers from drowsiness which can be sign of worrying for you. In this case there should always be a veterinarian to consult through which you can discuss your dog’s health.

What is veterinarian

Veterinarian is a person who cheek your pet medical health and provide advice to the pet owner.

What does a veterinarian do

By consulting your veterinarian, veterinarian do a proper check-up and would tell what your dog is suffering from. Furthermore, he would also check your dog’s diet whether he is getting proper nutrition. By consulting a veterinarian early you can safe your dog from other complications as he is also a part of your family member.  

Roles of veterinarian:

In today’s world veterinarian plays a crucial role in animal welfare. They not only recommend the animal diet but also to a proper diagnoses. As stated above if your dog feels drowsiness so a veterinarian would do a proper diagnoses such as blood test, would carry out health check-ups and give vaccinations, check the breed of animal and according to it would give a proper diet plan through which you can save your dog’s health and life.

Furthermore, if your dog carry out any practices and injured himself or is going through a pregnancy period a veterinarian would do X-ray and find out the internal injury or any sort of complications that might occur. If an operation is needed they would carry out the operation to save the animal society and your dog. 

The Importance of Consulting Your Veterinarian

It is very important to Consulting Your Veterinarian for the dog’s food in order to feed them with the proper nutritional diet. Pet owners cannot identify the disease occurring in their pet and what food to provide them during this illness period.

If they would consult a veterinarian this would be beneficial for them and for their dog. some dog owners do not know how much to feed their dog. This leads to overweight and obesity causing several diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and so on.

The Consequences of Inadequate Diet and Food Choices for Dogs

Many pet owners do not use the correct diet plan and food brand to feed their dog. This results in lack of protein and vitamin in the dog affecting their health and energy.

Lack of protein and vitamin would affect the energy level and performance of dog and would reduce their activeness. This would lead to weak bones and joint issues.

How a Veterinarian Guides You to a Balanced Diet for Your Dog

By consulting your veterinarian he would help you out for choosing the correct diet plan for your dog to follow in order to avoid excess fat or caloric content.

Apart from it the veterinarian would check your dog’s healt­­­­­h and immunity and according to it would provide a diet plan and correct food brand with multiple source of protein in it.

Preventing Cardiac Issues in Dogs: The Vital Role of Veterinary Guidance

Contacting the correct veterinarian would protect dog from cardiac issue. Cardiac issue occurs due to poor diet plan, obesity, aging and diabetes.

Cardiac issue would lead to heart failure and blood flow would become less efficient. By connecting to a veterinarian he would tell you the proper exercise needs to perform, proper diet plan with complete source of protein, minerals and vitamin saving your dog’s life.

Sometimes your dog may delay in giving birth to the puppies. The average day of pregnancy is 60-63 days, if the dog takes more than the mating and expected birth date than a veterinarian should be consulted in order to avoid any chance of complications.   

What food brands do Veterinarian recommend to give to your dog?

After properly checking the dog and its breed most of the veterinarian recommend the food that should be given to dog. Different food brands have different advantages to the dog’s health but it also depend.

There are various food brands that are available in the market but some of the famous that should be given to dogs are mentioned below.

  1. Royal Canin
  2. Purina pro plan
  3. Hill science diet
  4. Iams & Eukanuba

Royal Canin

If your pet is a picky eater so according to most of the veterinarian Royal Canin food should be given. This food product is available in two categories: Dry dog food and wet dog food. If your dog have a dental issue or is going through the phase of teeth growth so wet dog food should be feed to them as it is easy to chew and contain high water content keeping your dog hydrated.

If your dog is a middle age dog of 1-7 years of age and have to ability of chew the kibbles so he should be feed with dry dog food. Dry dog food contain ingredients such as brewer’s rice, chicken fat, sources of vitamin-E, corn gluten meal and natural flavor.

Product NameFeaturesRecommended Usage by Age of Dog
Royal Canin Puppy Dry Dog FoodSupports healthy growth with essential nutrientsSuitable for puppies up to 12 months old
Royal Canin Adult Dry Dog FoodBalanced nutrition for adult dogsSuitable for dogs 1 year and older
Royal Canin Small Breed Adult Dry Dog FoodDesigned for small breed dogs, helps maintain ideal weightSuitable for small breed adult dogs 1 year and older
Royal Canin Medium Breed Adult Dry Dog FoodFormulated for medium-sized dogs, supports joint healthSuitable for medium breed adult dogs 1 year and older
Royal Canin Large Breed Adult Dry Dog FoodSupports large breed dogs’ joint health and digestionSuitable for large breed adult dogs 1 year and older
Royal Canin Senior Consult Mature Dry Dog FoodAddresses aging-related issues, supports kidney healthSuitable for senior dogs aged 7 years and older
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Mobility Support JS Dry Dog FoodSupports joint health and mobility in dogs with arthritisSuitable for adult dogs with joint issues
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Low Fat Dry Dog FoodLow-fat formula for dogs with digestive issuesSuitable for dogs with gastrointestinal problems
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Dental Small Dog Dry Dog FoodPromotes dental health in small breed dogsSuitable for small breed adult dogs concerned about dental health
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal Support E Dry Dog FoodSupports kidney function in dogs with renal issuesSuitable for dogs with kidney disease

Please remember that these are general guidelines, and it’s essential to consult with your veterinarian to determine the most appropriate Royal Canin product for your dog’s specific needs and health conditions.

Iams & Eukanuba

If your dog has a sensitive stomach so according to most of the veterinarian Iams & Eukanuba is not a suitable option. Furthermore, most of the dogs when rely on Iams & Eukanuba suffers from allergies due to the mixing of certain ingredients that do not support the dogs diet. However, it is also considered one of the finest source of food as it provide protein and calcium and the taste that dogs enjoy eating it. Moreover, this food product also helps dog in performing at their best it contain protein source from chicken and lamb and all other essential nutrients that support dog to lead a healthy life with healthy teeth and gums and oral hygiene.

Hill science diet

Hill science diet is number#1 product recommended by the vets for your dog. The reason behind this mystery is this food product helps in different stages of life, lifestyle and life care need. Hill science diet is made by mixing of various ingredients like chicken, cracked barley, whole grain wheat, whole grain corn, corn gluten meal, chicken fat, soybean oil and other protein and calcium. These ingredients are mixed and the product is formed. In short this product is a complete meal that’s why the number #1 priority of the veterinarian.

Purina pro plan

Lastly, Purina pro plan is approved by the vets all around the world and can be feed to dog. This food product contains meat and byproducts such as animal protein. This food product contain low amount of junk content that your dog can intake. Therefore, it is beneficial for dog’s health in terms of heart, oral hygiene, stomach issue and so on.

In the end what matters the most is that if you cannot consult the vet for the care if your dog so have a proper research on the dog food that should be given to your dog. By having a proper research you can identify in which food brand category your dog lies according to the ingredients.

But the suitable option is to consult a vet as they would properly examine your dog, breed, heath and other check-ups and according to it will choose the best food product that can be feed to your dog.


Q1. Risks or feeding the pet without professional guidance?

Ans. If you not consult a veterinarian for your pet’s diet so there might be nutritional imbalance which may lead to obesity and other diseases related to it. Such as heart issues, stomach issues and so on.

Q2. How veterinarian determine a proper diet for pet?

Ans. Veterinarian checks your pet health and do a complete medical diagnoses of it. After it they recommend the diet plan that is suitable for your dog to lead a healthy and active life.

Q3. Are home diet a good alternative for your pet food?

Ans. Home-made diets can be risky if not properly formulated. Sometime you may add such ingredients that might not suit your dog and may lead to problems such as skin issues. By consulting a veterinarian they would create a proper balanced diet plan for your pet.

Q4. How to find out if my pet is suffering from food allergies?

Ans. The veterinarian would completely examine your dog and would diagnose the reason behind the allergies. If the allergies is because of food that you are feeding your dog, veterinarian would completely change the diet plan and would provide with the one with little or zero side effects.

Q5. Can the food and diet plan can affect the mood and behavior of my pet?

Ans. Sometimes you feed your dog with such food or food brands that do not suits them so as a result it would affect your dog’s behavior.

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