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Explore Can dogs eat Pita Bread?

Discover the pros and cons of feeding pita bread to you furry companion and learn more about the alternate dog foods. Find out what experts says regarding “Can dogs eat pita bread”

Explore Can dogs eat Pita Bread?


This article is a research study on “can dogs eat pita bread?” a deep research on potential benefits and risks of including pita bread in to your dog’s diet. Factors related to can dogs eat pita bread are nutritional value getting by adding pita bread in dogs diet and issues such as digestion issues and stomach upset.

In this article you will discover the alternatives of pita bread that adds a valuable nutrition in to your dog’s diet and are considered a safe and healthier option.

Connect with us through this blog and learn more about dog’s nutritional diet and choose a safer and healthier option for your companion for proper growth development and well-being.

What is Pita Bread? (Product description)

There are two categories of pita bread.

Whole wheat flour

White bread.

Pita breads are usually high in carbs as they contain high content of carbohydrates. Pita bread contain protein, fibers and essentials vitamins such as iron and magnesium.

As the question arises “Can dogs eat pita bread?” the simple answer related to it is relying too much on pita bread can be harmful as it can lead to excess in-take of carbs causing obesity and diseases related to it.

Incase if you want to feed your dog with pita bread than try opting for pita bread made from whole wheat flour as it contains low carb content.      

Types of Pita bread that can be feed to dogs:

Keto pita:

Keto pita are made with wheat flour containing low amount of carbs. It is made with almond carbs and other keto-friendly ingredients. It is soft and easily chewable. It is especially for those dogs that have dental issues or chewing problem. Therefore, when the question arises “Can dogs eat pita bread?” the answer would be yes they can. But it must be make sure that not to give pita bread to dogs in excess quantity as it can be harmful for their health.


  1. Crust is soft and easily chewable, designed for dogs that have chewing problems.
  2. It helps in reducing weight loss and helps in maintaining an ideal weight.
  3. Better skin condition, as obesity causes water loss making skin dry and rough.
  4. In-taking of less carbs means maintaining an ideal weight, helping the dog in improving their activity level.
  5. Reduce fat content from the body leading to decrease in sweating.

Whole wheat flour pita bread:

Pita bread made from whole wheat flour is considered healthier option than white flour. When a dog owner asks a question “Can dogs eat pita bread?” the answer to this is yes. If pita bread is made from whole wheat flour than it is recommended to feed to your dog as it contains more fibers than white flour. 


  1. Contain essential minerals and fibers that helps in fulfilling the basic dietary requirement.
  2. It is fat free, cholesterol free and have 7g of protein and 4g of fibers.
  3. Its crust is soft making it easy for puppies to eat especially in their in teeth growth phase.
  4. It helps in maintaining dog’s health and digestive system.
  5. Helps in maintaining ideal weight and less in-take of carbs reduces the risk of obesity.

Multi-grain pita bread:

Multi grain pita bread is made from the mixture of flour and grains. It contain optimal level of protein and fibers. It contain 8g of protein and 4g of fibers and each loaf is properly baked.

So can dogs eat pita bread?

The answers is yes dogs can eat pita bread with multi-grains. Multi-grain pita bread is cholesterol free which reduces the chances of obesity and other diseases. Furthermore, it contain oats and flaxseed which include a variety of flavor and is considered a healthier option due to optimal protein and fiber content.    


  1. It is rich in nutrients as it provide vitamin B and vitamin E. vitamin-B is generated from dairy products and is a source of energy production, and improve metabolic activity. Vitamin-E helps in improving digestive system and reduces inflammation.
  2. Having low cholesterol level reduces the risk of obesity and heart diseases.
  3. Optimal protein and fiber content helps in weight management and reduces the desire of overeating.
  4. Some whole grain found in pita bread contains antioxidants reducing inflammation and improving digestive system.
  5. It helps in feeding beneficial bacteria improving health and digestive system.

Gluten-free pita bread:

Most dogs do not have problem consuming products containing gluten so regular dog food can be feed to them. If your dog has sensitivity related to products having gluten then consult a veterinarian who would proper diagnose the dog and recommend whether gluten free product should be given or not.

If veterinarian diagnose that your dog has allergy to the product having gluten than in this case feed the dog with gluten free product with the proper guidelines provided by the veterinarian.

In some cases gluten free product is recommended by veterinarian if dog is suffering from diarrhea, stomach upset or bloating.


  1. Dogs that are sensitive to gluten can be feed with gluten free pita bread as it would reduce the risk of skin issues and other allergic reaction.
  2. Dogs sensitive to gluten can be feed with gluten free pita bread as it would improve digestion and reduce the risk of stomach upset or discomfort.
  3. Some dogs have serious allergies or sensitivity to gluten and a smaller in-take can lead to reaction. Feeding them with gluten free pita bread can reduce the risk of cross contamination from other food containing gluten.

Organic Pita Bread:

Amongst all organic pita bread is considered the healthiest option to feed to your dog as it is free from preservatives, fertilizers and artificial flavors. Organic pita bread is made from whole wheat flour and is considered to be environmentally friendly.


  1. As it is made from top quality ingredients it is considered the safe and healthiest choice. Having free from pesticides, fertilizers and preservatives helps in the better development of dog.
  2. There are very little or no artificial flavors or ingredients added. This can be a healthier choice for your dog.
  3. As it is made from 100% organic ingredients some of the dogs may consider it easier to digest compared to artificial products.
  4. The texture of organic pita bread is easily chewable and can satisfy dog while chewing.

When purchasing organic food product for your dog always consult a veterinarian as he would advise regarding the top ingredients that should be in it. As organic pita bread is high in protein, fiber and fatso before feeding it to your dog advice from veterinarian should be taken on how much amount should be feed.

When preparing organic food for your dog at home certain ingredients are added that your dog may not like and may cause skin problems and allergies. Therefore, on occasional events you can feed your dog with organic pita bread. 

Is whole Wheat Pita bread better for dogs than White Pita bread?

Whole wheat pita bread is considered the healthier option compared to white pita bread. This whole wheat pita bread is made up from whole-grain or whole wheat flour, it contains more fiber content and is considered a healthier option.

So when the question rises can dog eat pita bread? The answer is dog can eat pita bread made from whole wheat flour. But it should be noticed that whole wheat flour pita bread should be given in small amount as it contains gluten and carbs.

The excess eating may result in adverse reaction for dogs having sensitivity to gluten. Overeating may lead to obesity due to excess in-take of carbs.

Can dogs eat Pita bread with hummus?

Hummus is a made from mashed chickpea blend with lemon juice and garlic. It is not recommended to feed dogs with Pita bread containing hummus. As it would contain the ingredients like lemon juice and garlic it may be toxic for dog.

Feeding your dog with Pita bread containing hummus would have reaction like vomiting, diarrhea and inflammation and skin irritation.

Can dogs eat Pita Chips?

Pita chips is made in high salt and contain several ingredients that may be toxic and harmful to your dog. As its ingredients contain garlic and onion, it may damage dog red blood cells causing anemia. The dog would not produce enough hemoglobin and there would be blood loss.

Furthermore, it would damage the liver and kidney of your dogs as it contain artificial preservatives and additives that would have an adverse reaction.

As Pita chips contain high salt content, over-dozing your dog with Pita chip may result in gas intestinal leading to vomiting and diarrhea or even may cause death.

It is necessary to consult a veterinarian before feeding your dog with some alternatives.

Alternative of Pita bread:

Plain cooked chicken or turkey (Benefits):

  1. Turkey is healthy meat high in protein, vitamin and minerals.
  2. Plain unseasoned slices of turkey meat are beneficial for dog’s health as it provides protein.
  3. It helps in improving digestive system and avoid stomach upset like bloating.
  4. High protein content improves joint structures and makes the bones strong.

Carrot stick or baby carrots:

  1. High in vitamin-A and support eye health.
  2. Helps in improving immune system.
  3. Provides healthy skin and coat.
  4. Provides nutrition beneficial for dog’s health.

Apple slice without seed:

  1. Apples are good source of vitamins as it contain vitamin-A and Vitamin-C.
  2. It contain antioxidants that reduces chances of many diseases such as heart diseases.
  3. Apples are low caloric source of food.
  4. Apple peels are full of fibers which helps dog in maintaining a healthy weight.
  5. It improves digestion system.

Is Pita Bread safe for dogs with wheat allergies or sensitivity?

If a dog is sensitive to wheat products, avoid feeding them with product that is made from wheat flour as it would lead to skin problems and allergies.

If in case you feed your dog with the food having wheat flour the result would be diarrhea, vomiting and itching and discomfort.

How much Pita bread should be feed to dog in a day?

Dogs should not be given Pita bread on daily basis as it contain gluten which would result in allergy to dog. Small amount should be given on occasional basis in order to avoid any sort of sensitivities.

Can dogs eat pita bread on daily basis? Dogs cannot consume pita bread on daily basis as it has a dense caloric content and contain gluten as well. Feeding them on daily basis would result in celiac diseases, heart diseases and allergies.

Are there any health risk of feeding Pita bread to dogs?

If Pita bread (wheat flour or White bread) both are feed to both on regular basis than it would have health risk. Like feeding on daily basis would result in obesity, stomach upset and digestive problem.

Moreover, some Pita bread contain preservatives and additives that could be harmful to them resulting in skin issues and allergies.

Can puppies be feed with Pita bread?

As puppies have sensitive digestive system it is better to avoid given them pita bread. As it is high in carbs and contain high caloric content it would result in digestive issues, stomach upset and bloating.

Puppies can be feed with baked pita bread or with plain pita bread that does not contain any toxic ingredients.

What should be done if a dog eat large amount of pita bread or pita bread with harmful ingredients?

If your dog consumes large amount of pita bread with harmful ingredients like onion and garlic immediately consult a veterinarian and follow their guidance related to that situation.

Furthermore, to avoid stomach upset or bloating take your dog out for a small walk in order for the food to digest. In future always make sure to give pita bread to dogs on occasional basis and follow the guidelines of the veterinarian.

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